DYGC Paddy Separator manufactured by our company is the special equipment completed with rice milling equipment.It can improve the whole rice yield of rice milling and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.So this equipment is one of the key equipment in the rice milliiing process.

rice processing machinePaddy separator

Technical Parameters:

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
DYGC100*8 1.5-2 1.1 450
DYGC100*10 2-2.5 1.1 550
DYGC100*12 2.2-3.6 1.1 600
DYGC100*16 4-5 1.5 850


DYGC Paddy Separator Characteristics

•  High rice yield,advanced technology;

•  Easy operation and maintenance;

•  Strong adaptability to long and short grain rice;

•  Low noise,no dust;

•  Simple structure and small footprint;

•  Factory direct sales.

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