DYJP Rice Grader uses the difference in the size of rice particles to classify the white rice of the rice miller. It is processed by different sieve plates, and the whole rice, general rice, broken rice, achieve the purpose of grading rice.So it is the main equipment for milling plant with productions of 50-140T/D.

rice grader

Rice grader

Technical Parameters:

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw)
DYJP100 2-3.3 1.1
DYJP112 3-4.2 1.1
DYJP125 4-5 1.1
DYJP150 5-6 1.5


DYJP Rice Grader Characteristics

•  Obvious grading effect,good process performance;

•  Large processing capacity;

•  Simple operation and wide range of application;

•  Easy operation and maintenance;

•  Compact and reasonable structure,adjustable speed;

•  High efficiency,low energy consumption;

•  Small vibration,low noise;

•  Durable and safe;

• Factory direct sales.

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