50tpd rice mill delivery to Nigeria

DOING News / Chat online / Technical support / Apr 19, 2019

April 12th in 2019, 50tpd rice mill delivery from Doing Factory to Nigeria, its destination is Abuja. The machine will depart from Doing Factory, depart from Qingdao Port, and then arrive at the port of Apapa in Nigeria. The customer will then pick up the rice mill at Apapa Port and then transport them by road to the location of the factory site in Abuja.

rice mill

 Rice mill

Except the basic configuration, this Nigeria customer also buy one set automatic packing machine. This 50tpd rice mill packaged by two 40' container, other various components are first sorted and put into wooden boxes and then loaded into containers.

rice mill

Packing the rice mill machine

This Nigeria customer told us he also want to processing the parboiled rice in the future, but not now, he want to start with the normal white rice processing.

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