How to clean the paddy before rice mill?

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Today, rice is mechanized harvest. It is always mixed with various impurities during transportation and storage. For example, straw, hemp rope, stones, etc. Before the rice milling process, we need to use a rice cleaning machine such as a rice cleaner and a rice destoner for cleaning. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the final product, damage the performance of the rice mill, affect the processing efficiency of the rice mill, and even affect people's health.

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Rice destoner and rice cleaner

To remove large impurities such as straw and hemp rope in rice, a cylindrical pre-cleaner is generally used. The cylindrical pre-cleaner has a good effect on the cleaning of large impurities in food. It is suitable for rice raw materials processing and preliminary grain cleaning of rice mill plant and grain warehouse. If there are more impurities in the rice, you can use the vibrating cleaning screen to clean the rice again. The vibrating cleaning screen has two layers of sieve surface. Different sizes of sieve surface can clean large, small and light impurities in rice, wheat, corn and other raw grain, and have a good effect on cleaning raw grain containing more medium impurities. If the rice contains iron materials, such as iron wire, nails and screws, it can be effectively cleaned by magnetic separation.

Rice destoner is used to remove impurities such as stones and heavier impurities in rice, which can also be used to separate impurities from other grains. It is a newly designed high-efficiency rice destoner. It is an ideal stone-removing equipment for grain, rice fine processing and deep processing.

Henan DOING company independently develops and produces rice cleaner, rice destoner, which have good cleaning effect, suitable for 20-300T/D rice mills.

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