How to improve the whole rice rate of the rice mill plant?

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Rice is the most widely accepted staple food and is loved by people. Increasing the whole rice rate can bring great economic benefits. So what methods can increase the whole rice rate?

First, choose a clean, moderately watery rice. The quality of rice containing a lot of impurities is not good, and many impurities are selected during the cleaning process, so the whole rice rate is low. Rice with more water content is not suitable for rice milling, and rice with less water content is easily broken during rice milling, and the whole rice rate is low.

rice mill

Clean rice

During the rice milling process, some broken rice is usually produced. The rice milling process involves cleaning, destoning, husking, paddy separating, rice milling, white rice grading, rice polishing, color sorting. In these steps, the most prone to produce broken rice is the rice husking , rice milling and rice polishing. In these steps, choosing the right machine can be very helpful in increasing the whole rice rate.DOING is a professional rice mill manufature,design,manufacture and supply paddy husker,rice mill,rice polisher.Paddy husker is stepless voltage regulation and has evenly pressure,which can reduce the broken rice rate and improve the effect of rice husking.Long emery roller rice mill make less broken rice and high whole rice rate. The double roller rice polisher adopts controllable temperature of gas,water spraying and completely atomization,as well as special polishing roller structure.

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Rice mill plant

In short, choosing a good rice milling machine manufacturer can greatly help to improve the whole rice rate.

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