DYDT Bucket Elevator is widely used in Vertical lifting of grain processing plants,grain storage, oil processing plants, feed mills, and other pellets. It has less requirements on the type and characteristics of materials. It can not only improve the general powdery and small granular materials, but also improve the materials with high abrasiveness. It has good sealing performance and less environmental pollution.

rice mill

Bucket Elevator in complete set rice mill

Technical Parameters:

Model DYDT
Output(t/h) 2-20
Power 0.75-4.0


DYDT Bucket Elevator Characteristics

•  Wide range of applications;

•  High efficiency,low energy consumption;

•  Stable operation,long service life;

•  Easy to operation and maintenance;

•  Large volume of transportation;

• Small footprint;

•  Durable and reliable;

•  Factory direct sales.

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