DYW Low-speed Elevator has low speed of lifting,completely gravity unloading goods,reduce goods impacting elevator process. The bottom wheel of this equipment adopts a banner type, which reduces the possibility of backflow of rice being crushed, opens an inspection window, and is easy to maintenance.

rice mill

Elevator in complete set rice mill

Technical Parameters:

Model DYW6 DYW10
Output(t/h) 4-6 6-10
Power(kw) 1.5-2.2 1.5-3.5


DYW Low-speed Elevator Characteristics

•  Easy to operation and maintenance;

•  Reduce the breakage of rice;

•  Nice appearance;

•  Stable operation,long service life;

•  Large volume of transportation;

•  Wide range of applications;

•  Durable and reliable;

•  Factory direct sales.

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