What is the future of rice processing industry?

Industry News / Chat online / Technical support / May 10, 2019

Rice processing is critical to the future of the rice industry because paddy is not easy to preserve. The main products of the paddy deep processing project include rice protein and high-purity rice starch, brown rice, steamed rice, and rice-based convenience leisure products. However, most of them are processed into commercial rice through the rice milling process. With the continuous advancement of rice milling technology and the continuous development of rice milling machine, new rice milling machine plays an important role in promoting rice processing and production. Then you may have questions about the future of the rice processing industry.

rice mill process machinemilled rice

Next, Doing company will introduce the future and prospect of the rice processing industry from the economic benefits of rice processing and people's consumption needs.

In china, in May 2019, the purchase price of glutinous rice was around 2.6 yuan per kilogram, and the rice yield was about 70%. And we usually buy rice in the supermarket. The cheapest bulk rice is 6 yuan per kilogram, and the better quality rice is generally 10 yuan. Every kilogram, even higher.

rice mill production processRice mill process designed by Doing Company

The rice husk produced during the rice milling process can also be further processed into animal feed and the like. Secondly, the daily output of modern rice milling is more than 20 tons, and it is fully automated, without manual operation, which greatly saves production costs. It can be seen that rice processing can obtain good economic benefits.

modrern rice mill plantModern rice mill plant

Twenty or thirty years ago, people's living standards were not high, and rice milling technology was relatively backward. The varieties of commercial rice were single, the quality was not good, and there were even stones inside. With the improvement of the economic level and the progress of the rice milling process, people have higher requirements for the quality and taste of rice. Of course, the current rice milling technology can fully meet people's consumption needs. Using the rice mill produced by Doing company to process rice, the broken rice is less, the surface of the rice is bright, the taste is good, and the economic benefits are good.

The rice milling technology is more and more advanced, people's demand for rice quality is getting higher and higher, and the profit of carrying out rice processing business is considerable. Therefore, the future of rice processing industry is bright. If you want to start a rice processing business or start a rice mill, you can contact Doing company, and Doing will provide you with the best solution.

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