Steps in rice milling

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After paddy is harvested from field, the next is to process it into edible rice. Steps in rice milling includes five parts: paddy cleaning and de-stoning, paddy husking and separating, milling and polishing, color sorting and rice grading, packaging.

The first procedure of steps in rice milling is paddy cleaning and de-stoning. Firstly raw paddy is transferred by elevator to the drum sieve for pre-cleaning, in which bigger impurities such as stem, grass, leaves will be removed. Then vibration cleaner is applied to remove smaller impurities. Raw paddy will go through the sieve screen and be delivered to next process de-stoning. In this step, stones that are in the same size of paddy will be separated by application of gravity principle.

rice millRice mill plant

The second procedure of steps in rice milling is paddy husking. By the action of multiple rollers rotating inside, husker can remove most hull. After that mixture of brown rice and few paddy will be sent to paddy separator. Brown rice will be separated and delivered to next milling process while paddy will be sent back to husker machine for re-husking until hull is removed completely.

The third procedure of steps in rice milling is milling and polishing. Brown rice after husking will be milled and turn to white rice. Bran coat that is removed in milling process can be used in animal feed which is richer in nutrition than hulls that separated from paddy. To make rice look bright from appearance, polisher machine would be furnished. With spray water and roller friction, rice will come out whiter and brighter.

rice mill plantRice mill plant

The fourth procedure of steps in rice milling is color sorting and rice grading. There would be bad rice that color is a little darker. To separate these bad quality rice, color sorter is applied. But there may be exist some broken rice that are mixed with full piece rice. Rice grader machine adopts gravity principle to separate broken rice and therefore at the end we can get premium grade rice.

The last procedure of steps in rice milling is packaging. Automatic packaging machine can improve working efficiency and reduce weight tolerance during packaging. After that bags of premium grade rice will be ready for sale.

All above are the brief introduction of steps in rice milling after raw paddy is harvested. Drum sieve, vibration sieve, de-stoner, husker, paddy separator, rice miller, polisher, color sorter, rice grader and automatic packaging machine are the main equipment that will be used in a whole complete rice plant. Different configuration and capacity rice plants can be furnished based on clients' actual requirements. If you are interested in rice milling, please contact us for further discussion.

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